K. Geetha Holdsworth appointed principal of the Miquon School

The Miquon School, located in Conshohocken, PA, recently announced the appointment

of K. Geetha Holdsworth as its next principal, effective July 1, 2023. She will succeed

Susannah Wolf ’81, who has served in the role for the last eight years.

Miquon offers a Progressive education for children ages 3 through 12. It was founded in

1932 by two local women as a response to traditional education. Its program is built on

the beliefs that every child should be known, acknowledged, and respected as an

individual; learning should be active and discovery-based; and collaboration,

community, and a commitment to social justice are all important elements of education.

Ms. Holdsworth has a rich and deep history with Progressive schools as a student,

teacher, administrator, and leader. Prior institutions include Poughkeepsie Day School

(where she was a student), Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences, and Bosque

School, a Progressive school in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she currently serves

as academic dean. She has also presented her work at local and national conferences,

including the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference,

the Asian Educators Alliance National Conference, and the Expeditionary Learning

National Conference.

“Geetha is a leader who works with a community to move together toward solutions,”

says Miquon Board Chair Cerys St. John Richter, “and she is eager to work with us on

everything from questions of diversity and justice to refining how our program is

delivered at each grade band level. We are confident that she will preserve and

enhance what Miquon stands for, and that we, in turn, will benefit from her leadership.”

Miquon currently enrolls 152 students in Nursery through 6th grade with a

student-teacher ratio of 7:1, and intentionally remains small in order to foster the close

relationships that promote effective learning and teaching. Its 10-acre campus,

complete with burbling creek and expansive woodlands, is integral to the student

experience and incorporated into lesson plans across subjects. “I am honored,

humbled, and excited to join The Miquon School as its next principal,” says Ms.

Holdsworth. “The opportunity to become a part of this community and steward its

mission is a privilege, and I look forward to earning its trust as we work together in

service of this profoundly special place.”

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