The Space Between: How Progressive Education Fosters Curiosity, Creativity, Community and Connection

October 18- 20, 2024 (Pre-Conference Activities Available on October 17th & 18th)
Columbus, Ohio

Conference Theme & Call For Proposals


Our conference attendees are interested in practical, hands-on classroom approaches that embody a progressive educational philosophy and reach towards our shared vision of a more equitable and just world.  Our theme for the 2024 year, The Space Between: How Progressive Education Fosters Curiosity, Creativity, Community, and Connection, speaks to this twin desire for big conversations and practical suggestions – how the space between is where both the opportunity and action of progressive education exist.

The Space Between embodies: 

Growth and Discovery

Intentionality and Interconnectedness

Impactful Learning

Navigating Tensions

Gray Areas and Nuances

Practical Considerations

Reflection and Emergent Curriculum

The Space Between assumes an ethical responsibility:

Creating a More Beautiful World

Advancing Sustainability

Contributing to a Just and Sustainable World

The 2024 Planning Committee will be accepting session proposals from educators (broadly defined)  from now until March 22nd, 2024.  All sessions are 80 minutes in length and occur on Saturday, October 19th and Sunday, October 20th, 2024. Please click on the image below for full CFP and submission form.