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National Institute of PEN
Apply by November 16!
Grant aid available!

NIPEN 7.0 Application Live!
Apply on/before November 16th, 2019

A six-day, two part workshop to learn about Progressive Education.

Midwest Academy Grants

From Head of School, Kevin Gailey (NIPEN 2.0): 

“Several years ago, three staff members from Midwest Academy attended NIPEN 2.0.  To attend they needed financial assistance, which they received.  The experience these educators obtained was outstanding and helped the school on its journey to becoming a progressive school.   Midwest is now a truly progressive environment for students and we remain grateful for the assistance provided by PEN many years ago. 

The school is dedicated to actively serving the organizations we believe in and desires to act in a manner we all might by extending ourselves, offering grace and opportunity to others.  We hope this small scholarship is helpful and your NIPEN experience is enriching as well as edifying. “


We are proud to announce that PEN Partner Midwest Academy will provide two grants of $500 each for NIPEN 7.0.  To apply for this need- based aid, please see the NIPEN application.

Collaros Memorial Fund Grant

Through the generosity of the Collaros Memorial Fund, PEN will provide one full registration grant plus travel stipend for NIPEN 7.0. To be considered for this need- based aid, please see the application.


January 9- 11 2020
Christa McAuliffe School, Saratoga, CA
May 7-9 2020
Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, IL
$1200 (includes materials and most meals)

Participants can expect to:

Develop powerful relationships with progressive educators from across the country

Strengthen knowledge of Progressive Education (history, pedagogy, ideals, and assessment)

Immerse in progressive school settings during both segments

Enhance progressive practices at their schools, and contribute to the mission of progressive education at large


Why should you take NIPEN? Listen here, and then apply!

What is NIPEN?

Learn a little bit about NIPEN, a unique, 6- day professional development opportunity brought to you by PEN.



What is NIPEN?

The National Institute of PEN, a workshop series offered by the national organization of the Progressive Education Network. It is a 6- day, small group (maximum 24 participants), progressive learning experience.

Why does NIPEN exist?

NiPEN was created as an answer to the question, “Where can I go to learn more about Progressive Education?”

What are NIPEN’s objectives?

1. Increase participants’ knowledge about progressive education (historical context, ideals, and pedagogy), and
2. Embolden participants to be able to contribute to the mission of Progressive Education in their school setting and at-large.

How is NIPEN structured?

NIPEN is a 6-day experience, divided into two 3-day segments. The two segments are separated by about 3 months to allow each participant to begin to implement his/her action plan, with the support of their “triad” (a 3-person study support group).

Where does NIPEN happen?

The two segments are held in two different schools (in different cities). For example, NIPEN 4.0 was held at High Meadows School (Roswell, GA) and at Open World Learning Community (St. Paul, MN)

Why should I apply?

If you…
…want to learn more about Progressive Education (historical context, ideals, & pedagogy)
…want to serve as a Progressive Education leader in your school
…are needing a dose of inspiration
…want to increase your students’ connection to social justice & democratic ideals
…relish the idea of having the support of like-minded colleagues & friends from across the country
…like the idea of learning and playing together
…want to make a difference to your students, your colleagues, your school, and education at-large through a Progressive Education message & action plan
…want Progressive Education to gain in strength and numbers across the country