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2021-22 Central Park School for Children
Elementary and Middle School Teacher/Staff Job Posting
General Education and Part-Time and Full time Exceptional Children Teachers and Middle School Art Teacher:


School Address: Elementary 724 Foster Street Durham NC 27701
and Middle School 121 Hunt Street Durham NC 27701

School Website:

Pay Range:  NC DPI 2020-21 Teacher Pay Scale plus 13%

Job Type: Full Time / Part Time

Start Date: July 1, 2021

Contact Name and Email:

As we envision a Durham where all children have the resources they need to thrive, and as we empower children as critical thinkers who lead lives of greater justice and equity, these are our commitments to our faculty and staff:

CPSC Administration commits to:

Provide opportunities to practice, design and share pedagogy and curriculum that is culturally relevant to your students’ lives, and is socially transformative for the student, the school, and the community.
Distribute leadership responsibilities and build leadership skill capacities among staff and faculty.
Provide opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of society, especially the inequities people of color and other marginalized groups face.
Evaluate, coach, and support you to increase your efficacy, with a particular urgency and emphasis on racially equitable and just practices.
Care for the social, emotional and physical well being and health of our faculty and staff through direct support and services.
Faculty and staff commit to:
In their Relationships:

Strive to respect and love each student as if they are a member of their own family.
Honor, understand, and be responsive to students’ learning differences, and exhibit curiosity about students’ interests, dreams, desires, and cultural practices.
Be caring, committed, and collaborative with students, peers, families, and community partners.
Create an open-door policy for their classrooms or office spaces, believing that more visitors mean a greater chance for improvement and perspective.
Foster and invest in relationships with families, particularly families of color, by demonstrating interest in their culture and ways of knowing (e.g., attending community events they frequent, making special efforts with families outside of school time, going to students’ performances and sporting events, learning about the events they attend).
In their Growth:

Be committed to building and realizing our All Children Thriving 5 year plan and the mission and vision of Central Park School for Children.
Exhibit a growth mindset and be responsive to feedback from peers, management, and parents.
Be ethnographers of our community to understand the strengths and challenges facing our students.
Embrace the challenge to discuss, self-examine, and disrupt where racism, sexism, and other forms of oppression impact our students’ school experience.
Be vulnerable, lean into discomfort and exhibit fearlessness as they prioritize the mental, emotional, and cognitive health of all students, especially students of color.
In their Pedagogy or Practice:

Design authentic and engaging lessons around people who have fought, outsmarted, and crippled oppressive systems, so that students can learn how to become agents of change.
Prioritize and center the cultures and histories of students of color as the basis of learning expeditions and projects, at least as often as white culture is centered.
Create inclusive multilingual spaces where all languages and dialects are valued equally, so student and families’ voices are heard and included.
Design and include families in pedagogy that deepens students’ knowledge and love of self, culture, their ancestors, and the world around them.
Effectively implement culturally relevant Project Based Learning or Expeditionary Learning curriculum design and assessments.
Consistently assess student progress, communicate growth to students and families, and guide supportive interventions for students who are struggling academically, socially, or emotionally.
Consistently implement support plans to maximize success for all students.
Maintain an engaging and culturally relevant classroom or work space that amplifies student learning and community involvement.

If these commitments speak to your passion and skills as an educator and leader, please apply to teach at CPSC.

Application Procedure:

Email your cover letter (please indicate the subject area(s) you are qualified to teach), resume or curriculum vitae, reference letters, and other materials (e.g., digital portfolios and videos of teaching, sample lesson plan or unit with materials, evidence of assessment analysis) that showcase your practice to I
After review and selection, qualified applicants will be invited to participate in an interview, teach a sample lesson, and/or participate in a focus group with faculty and students.
Application Deadline:  We will accept applications until we find just the right candidates!
As an equal opportunity employer, we are committed to identifying and developing the skills and leadership of people from diverse backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.



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