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OCTOBER 3-5 2019

PEN 2019 Educating for Democracy:
Navigating the Current and Channeling the Future of Progressive Education
Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota

The national Progressive Education Network conference takes place in a different city every two years and is a diverse gathering of educators from around the country.

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March 4, 2019

Join us in the Twin Cities for the 2019 Progressive Education Network Conference,  Surrounded by abundant lakes, ponds and wetlands and by the shore of the Mississippi River, we will re-imagine progressive education for the 21st Century.

The PEN 2019 planning committee is looking for passionate educators who are ready to engage with colleagues from all around the country to introduce, renew, affirm and create progressive practices – creating a mighty current that will transform education. We invite hands-on, energizing, thought provoking, inspiring workshops, roundtables and place-based experiences for the participants and educators converging in this wonderful natural setting in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October 2019. 

While we honor the historical sources of progressive philosophy, we want this conference to be a space that co- constructs, elevates and embraces new narratives, reflective of “respectfully collaborative and critical relationships between students, educators, parents/guardians, and the community.” What presentations or learning can you share that will enrich the confluence of respect, learning and growing?

Share your thoughts, ideas, practices and questions with other conference attendees as part of your continued growth as an educator, exploring the conference theme of Educating for Democracy: Navigating the Current and Channeling the Future of Progressive Education.


Rising To the Surface: What are the philosophies, traditions, practices and stories that have not been centered that we must engage with now?  Which Progressive Education stories need to be told today and to broader constituencies? We encourage sessions that will amplify past and present voices & experiences in progressive education that take us beyond the traditional canon of progressive education. 

Navigating the Current: What is in the waters of progressive practice right now? What historical or contemporary struggles make it difficult to navigate or implement progressive practices in a variety of educational institutions? What promising new streams of thought might buoy progressive education that we have not yet fully explored?  These sessions will provide participants with stories, experiences, and practical wisdom for negotiating a variety of challenges and opportunities in progressive education.  We encourage sessions that explore areas such as:  Wellness; Social & Emotional Learning; Restorative Justice, Equity & Activism; Identity & Allyship. 

Channeling the Future:  What does the future of progressive education look like? What are the stakes? How do we apply this work to our classrooms and in larger communities?   How do we chart new courses in ways that are collaborative, empowering, and inclusive?  We encourage sessions that provide participants with: practical, “oars-in” strategies to “do” progressive practice in any school, any classroom, anywhere; visioning strategies for implementing changes; strategies for sustaining the work, even in choppy waters.

For full CFP, including workshop types, follow this link for a downloadable PDF, which includes a link to the proposal form.

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October 3rd-5th, 2019
Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota


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