Center for Progressive Education—Fall Institute 2018

October 20, 2018

San Francisco, CA

Come join us at Children’s Day School in San Francisco as we gather to strengthen and deepen our understanding and use of progressive education strategies and practices for working with diverse student populations. Our classrooms are settings with multifaceted diversity; our students exhibit a wide range of developmental levels, learning differences, ethnicities, cultures, gender identities, and so on. Given such variations, questions we hope to consider include:
• How do teachers/schools make our pedagogy/teaching relevant to our students? Their families? Their local communities?
• What strategies can/do we use to understand, respect, and connect with our students across similarities and differences?
• Which classroom practices are best for removing barriers and building on the strengths of individual learners?
This one-day institute will consist of a keynote speech and three 90-minute sessions with workshops focused on reaching and teaching all learners in our classrooms. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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