Welcome to the Progressive Education Network! We are happy to have you with us as part of a growing group of passionate advocates. We are excited to provide access to the dynamic features of our newly redesigned website including easier access to features like our Jobs and Events page and other resources.

PEN Logo: Please upload (and display proudly!) the PEN logo on your website and social media outlets. We will include it as part of your registration along with some of our advocacy language and digital materials. Thanks! We want to show everyone how many schools make up our beautiful, colorful community of schools.

Access: Visit your account page to access: the PEN Jobs Page – where you can post open positions at your school, our Events Page – where you can post upcoming events at your school, and our Blog – where we hope you will make contributions for our network of educators. Our website is run on WordPress, and our amazing developer has set up templates that are easy to use– you can simply cut and paste your information into the template of your choice! We will review posts before they go live to make sure the content is in keeping with our goals and mission but not to provide copy edits. Please be sure that everything is exactly the way you want it to be. Job postings: Jobs will stay “live” on the site for 60 days.

A note about your password: please be sure that it’s used for jobs, events, and blog posts related to your school community; it might be a good idea to have a single contact person, especially someone who is familiar with WordPress. Thank you for helping us keep our site secure.

Our website has been in the works for some time now and has transformed in the 10 years or so since we got started. Now not only an information site but also a place for educators to connect.  Also be sure to visit us on our social media – links are below. Thanks, once again!

If you have questions, please reach out to us at

Many thanks!
The PEN Staff, Board, and Advocates