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Assistant Head of School for Teaching, Learning, and Development

Reports To: Head of School

The Assistant Head of School for Teaching, Learning, and Development collaborates with teachers and other administrators and provides leadership and vision in planning, implementing, reviewing and improving curriculum, pedagogy, and instruction. This leadership position oversees the progress and implementation of the curriculum to support the growth and learning of all children, aligning with research and Westland’s mission and philosophy. In the development capacity, this key leadership position oversees Westland’s fundraising program and community building aligned with Westland’s culture of philanthropy.

The Assistant Head of School for Teaching, Learning, and Development works to embody the principles of progressive education, democracy, and the mission of the school. The Assistant Head of School for Teaching, Learning, and Development works to ensure that every element of school life reflects the principles of equity, justice, and inclusivity on the personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural levels. Westland has a “pitch-in and help” culture which invites all members of the administrative team to help whenever needed. All tasks below connect to Westland’s mission, philosophy, and strategic plan goals.

Teaching and Learning:

  • Collaborates with the teachers and staff on the social-studies based curriculum development, vertical alignment, horizontal integration, and anti-bias curriculum development supporting mission-aligned classroom experiences.
  • Oversees the curriculum as a whole, creating collaborative processes for addressing overlaps or gaps.
  • Develops a strategy for professional development that addresses social justice and anti-bias curriculum goals and learning objectives.
  • Works closely with the head of school and assistant head of school in the teacher evaluation process.
  • Supports assessment practices and conference report writing, refining a system for assessing student learning.
  • Collaborates with the head of school, assistant head of school, and Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) in planning in-services and professional development.
  • Supports teachers’ continued growth and deepening practice through collaboration.
  • Actively participates in the hiring and interviewing process for teaching positions and helps to review resumes, interview, and select teachers.
  • Oversees standardized testing program.
  • Collaborates with the head of school, assistant head of school, and consultants when appropriate, to develop a multi-year plan for mission-aligned technology integration.
  • Co-creates teaching schedule.
  • Attends meetings with parents, students, teachers, and/or outside specialists regarding curriculum, differentiation, accommodations, and support.
  • Facilitates parent education throughout the year on curriculum, as well as supports teachers in their curriculum nights.
  • Participates in professional organizations to help further strategic plan goals.
  • Supports and represents the school in the annual admission cycle, promoting Westland’s progressive program to prospective families.
  • Completes other duties as assigned by the head of school.


Board Support

  • Collaborates closely with the Committee on Development chair and head of school to establish strategies for initiating and meeting future fundraising goals.
  • Projects future fundraising needs and goals.
  • Develops timeline for possible future Capital Campaign.
  • Researches and grows new programs, e.g. planned giving.
  • Evaluates development goals on an annual basis.
  • Collaborates with the chair of the Committee on Development.
  • Serves as lead for all development communication and serve as primary contact to current families, alumni, and extended families.
  • Offers oversight and support to all Development related parent committees.
  • Works to increase and enrich the donor base.
  • Works with Outreach Committee to create, manage and maintain Alumni database.
  • Develops strategies for increasing Alum/extended family community.
  • Offers management and oversight to all volunteer efforts in support of the school’s development/fundraising program.
  • Meets and collaborates with Auction and Events Committee heads to coordinate and oversee the work of these committees. Supports other fundraising events (e.g. Boutique).
  • Tracks all cash donations on BigSIS – writes and/or distributes thank yous.

Direct Ask Program

  • Works with the head of school and Committee on Development chair to research, coach, and strategize the Direct Ask Program.
  • Works with the head of school to achieve 100% participation in Annual Giving.


Parent Committees

  • Serves as an administrative liaison to several development-related parent committees.
  • Works with the administrative team to determine composition of parent committees.
  • Tracks/coordinates parent work-hours.

Meeting Attendance and Participation

  • Administrative Team (weekly; biweekly in a global pandemic)
  • Educational Advisory Committee – EAC (weekly)
  • Faculty and Staff (weekly)
  • Board of Trustees (monthly)
  • Child Study (weekly)
  • Articulation meetings (Annually)
  • Parent committees (as scheduled)
  • Board of Trustees’ Committee on Development and other Board level committees (monthly)

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