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City and Country School seeks a Principal for the 2022-2023 academic year, beginning in July 2023.

The School desires an inspiring leader who will lead the community in successfully meeting several challenges. As is the case in many schools, City and Country wants to reconnect a community that was stretched and stressed by the pandemic. The faculty and staff must be inspired to do their best work and align that work across the School’s three divisions. New York City is a dynamic and vibrant environment for independent schools, but also a competitive one. The next Principal will need to lead the staff in improving this already wonderful school and continue to broaden its appeal to families. The demands and aspirations of the program will inevitably affect the types of physical spaces the School requires, and the next Principal will be tasked with answering, “What else can we do?” In addition to helping form such a vision, the next Principal will need to be attuned to finances, and help the school leverage its strengths to inspire philanthropy.

One needs only to have a conversation with a City and Country student to recognize the impact of the School’s progressive practices. The children at City and Country speak with conviction, confidence, and a deep caring for others and the world. This is a wonderful opportunity to join a community with a strong identity and a commitment to continue to get better.

Opportunities and Challenges

City and Country has served as a leader in progressive education for over 100 years.  The next Principal will be joining a community that celebrates its history and is excited about the future. City and Country is a school that places a high value on community and collaboration and seeks an educator who can lead strategically while supporting a program that has historic roots in progressive education.

The new Principal will:

Be called upon to bring a high level of support to a gifted and dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to its progressive principles and are eager to continue to learn and grow.
Work with the three division heads to align the teaching and learning program across the lower, middle, and upper schools.
Communicate the value of a City and Country education and differentiate it from its competitors in the highly selective NYC independent school market.
Ensure that the School remains fiscally sound while exploring ways to enhance and improve the School’s physical plant and continue to invest in its faculty and programs.
Further the School’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the community and in the teaching and learning program.
Foster community through authentic engagement with students, faculty and staff; parents, and neighbors; and between the three divisions of the school.
Enjoy the support of a highly functional, strategic, and vibrant Board of Trustees; a Board that understands “best practice” governance and commits to working collaboratively with the Principal.

Desired Qualities and Qualifications

A successful candidate will:
Be a process-driven educator with a strong academic background who can lead dynamic curriculum initiatives and program enhancement.
Take palpable enjoyment in being an active and visible presence in the life of the School, and form vibrant, supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and the administrative team, thereby promoting a sense of community and a culture of meaningful professional growth.
Have experience living and leading diversity and inclusion initiatives, skill in building inclusive communities, and the ability to respectfully navigate diverse cultural and social situations.
Connect and communicate effectively with faculty members, administration, parents, students, community members, and the Board so that these groups are appropriately informed of School matters, potential issues, and needs.
Understand important trends in education and have the ability to combine that understanding with an appreciation for City and Country’s values and traditions to articulate a compelling vision for the School’s future.
Play an active role in a comprehensive outreach program that will include enrollment management, fundraising, and broader community involvement to provide the financial and human capital to support the School’s aspirations.
Be a collaborative, decisive problem-solver who is a confident risk-taker and possess the courage to make difficult decisions.
Have the financial acumen to lead a complex organization.


A successful candidate will:

Exude optimism and a growth mindset while being warm, approachable, empathetic, optimistic, joyful, and down-to-earth.
Be a leader who relishes working with young people.
Enjoy the challenge of leading a school with a national reputation in progressive education.

To Apply

Candidates may apply here.

To apply for this job please visit www.cityandcountry.org.