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Teacher Opening at Neighborhood School, Jamaica Plain MA

Upper Elementary / Special Education – Fall  2020

The School – Neighborhood School provides transformative, personalized, love-centered learning to children from all families of all economic means. Students find their voice, form community, and become the next generation of world-changers. Children can become conscious and critical of the world around them in order to build a more equitable community.  Teachers who are learning about power and identity, and who want to use schools to dismantle systems of oppression, can best support them.

Neighborhood School is unique on Boston’s educational landscape. A teacher-founded independent school that began in 1986, it is intentionally small and creatively personalized with a demonstrated commitment to promoting social justice and helping children flourish to their fullest potential. It is a place where 60 students, K-6th grade ages, learn about themselves, others, and about how to form authentic community. Everyone is well-known and connected to everyone else at NS.

Teachers at NS take advantage of curricular freedom to design a learning environment where children are nurtured to be kind, curious, informed, literate and involved.  Students connect with people and places in the city to further their classroom investigations and to participate in lessons designed to develop needed skills and strategies.  Teachers have the opportunity to promote experiential learning and foster students’ connections to the world around them by designing thematic studies led by questions, fueled by research, and framed by reflection.

Parents have opportunities to be involved in the life of the school and in the lives of other school families. Neighborhood School is a place where a foundation for lifelong learning is nurtured and where lifelong relationships (including faculty) are often formed.

The Classroom – We have an opening for a co-teacher with math/science/technology focus in a combined fifth and sixth grade classroom, referred to as Level Four. You will collaborate closely with another co-teacher to both be lead teachers of classroom culture and daily routines, but you will be the lead on math/science/technology curriculum, while the other co-teacher will be the lead on humanities.The class includes sixteen children ranging in age from ten to twelve years.  Multi-age groupings are present in the school’s four classroom levels, offering teachers an opportunity to develop a two-year relationship with many students. Level Four is a place where children develop healthy identities as pre-adolescents and connect to the world around them in critical ways. They learn to be aware of their own feelings and needs, use restorative practices in response to conflicts, and balance independence with responsibility – all for the goal of building a trusting, vulnerable, and fun community. Academically, they engage with thematic projects to research, problem solve, and communicate authentically.  Level Four teachers support all this student growth by constantly learning themselves about identity (racial, gender, ethnic), differentiation for learning differences, child/adolescent development, power dynamics, restorative justice, and trauma-informed pedagogy.

The Opening – Preferred Qualifications

Experience as a 5th  / 6th grade teacher preferred,  training in math, science, and technology of high priority
Bachelors or Masters level degree or training in Elementary Education and/or Special Education; certification preferred
progressive philosophy of education

Our ideal candidate will be an avid learner.  The candidate will be ready to:

* establish and maintain a healthy and trusting learning environment, fostering nurturing relationships with students
* create a classroom environment where children learn about themselves, one-another, families, communities, and grow as citizens
* co-teach effectively and creatively
* help children deepen their mathematical reasoning using a variety of methods and materials so that students are actively applying problem solving strategies, making interdisciplinary connections, communicating about mathematical concepts, and using manipulatives and tools to represent their learning in multiple modalities.
* develop and implement science units that are driven by inquiry-based projects. Students should be planning investigations, developing models to represent systems, analyzing data, communicating arguments from evidence, and designing solutions.
* understand and accommodate learning differences among children
promote social-emotional development including non-violent communication and restorative justice for this age group;
* help children take accountability for their behavior
cultivate relationships with parents and promote healthy parent-teacher communication, including classroom updates, active listening, and effective meetings
* connect with other teachers to teach and to learn as colleagues
implement formative assessment and write trimester reports

If Special Education qualified, the candidate will have experience interpreting neuropsychological evaluations, implementing accommodations and supporting classroom teachers, parents and students in the evaluation process.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and résumé via mail or e-mail to:

Tricia Morrow, Director

Neighborhood School   34 Peter Parley Road Jamaica Plain, MA 02130     Neighborhood School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply for this job email your details to