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Positions Available: Teacher Leader/Teacher

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Have you ever wished you could do what you truly believe will inspire students to learn? Has your dream been to work in a multi-age, thematic, progressive educational environment where students genuinely love to learn and engage in hands-on, active learning? Would you like to teach without standardized testing dictating your curriculum? Heritage School is hiring a teacher leader/teacher (full time). The student body consists of approximately thirty-five to forty students in grades one through eight.

Teacher Leader Responsibilities:

Teach full time as well as guide your partner teachers.
Develop a well-rounded, thematic educational program for students in grades one through eight, in collaboration with the teaching staff, building upon the strong foundation established in the first thirty-five years of the school’s existence.
Set enrollment criteria and determine which students to enroll, in consultation with co-teachers, ensuring a well-balanced, inclusive student body.
Work in coordination with administrative staff and under the guidance of the Heritage School’s nonprofit executive board to determine expenditures for equipment, supplies, field trips, etc. Ensure that all financial commitments are taken care of on a timely basis.

Responsibilities of All Teachers, Including Teacher Leader:

Extend student learning whenever possible by developing connections between subjects in a thematic, integrated approach to learning.
Nurture curiosity, instill confidence, and develop community.
Inspire students to work for the intrinsic joy of learning and avoid using competition or rewards as a motivating force.
Approach teaching with openness to responding to unplanned but serendipitous teaching opportunities, demonstrating spontaneity and improvisation.
Establish high expectations for student behavior within an atmosphere of mutual trust.
Share student progress without using letter grades.

Attributes Desirable in Teacher Leader:

Leadership qualities that demonstrate a collaborative, inclusive style.
Preferably have experience/expertise in teaching students from grades one through eight in mixed age groups.
While an administrator’s license is not required, experience in leadership would be beneficial.
Ability to delegate and share responsibilities while also setting clear goals for staff.

Attributes Desirable in all Teachers, Including Teacher Leader:

Teaching certificate.
Minimum three years experience as a teacher.
Experience in teaching in a thematic, multi-age program.
Impeccable integrity in interactions with children. Pass a background check that demonstrates exemplary character and trustworthiness.
Ability to articulate a robust, progressive philosophy of education and to connect ideals with practical implementation that fits the unique needs of individual students.
Highly curious, creative, and innovative.
Strong commitment to building empathy in students, modeling this in nurturing a child’s growth, behavior expectations, and as an ideal in conflict resolution.
Teach in a style that promotes a high degree of student autonomy and self-direction as well as collaborative learning.
Salary and benefits competitive with local schools.

Application process:

Review the Heritage School website to determine whether your teaching experience and philosophy of education match the goals of our program.
Review employment FAQs:
Send your responses to the questions below, along with a cover letter and resume describing your specific experience and areas of expertise as a teacher. Include details such as the grade levels and subjects you have taught, experience in multi-age teaching, and the number of years you have spent doing so. Submit them electronically to:
or send to:

Heritage School

PO Box 2065

Salem, OR 97308

Please answer the following questions in a format of your choosing (you may include writing, photos, audio, video, etc.):

Describe an original, creative teaching lesson, project, or thematic study you developed that reflects your philosophy of education.
Give a concrete example of your approach to teaching math. How do you inspire students to enjoy math while ensuring thorough understanding of mathematical concepts?
We prefer not to receive phone calls for this initial inquiry.

Heritage School is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

To apply for this job email your details to