EdCamp Revolution

April 01, 2017

17 Parker Avenue, Maplewood, NJ 07040

EdCamp Revolution has chosen to place equity, justice, and innovation at the forefront of our EdCamp. As educators, we have seen the disparities across school districts and within individual schools. We often see pedagogically progressive learning environments which foster creativity, critical thinking, and innovation limited to only students in gifted and talented classrooms, magnet schools, private independent schools, or public schools located in middle to higher income bracket communities. We imagine a different world. We imagine a different schooling for all. We envision our schools as true hubs of democracy where all students have access to learning environments that empower them to innovate, and reimagine a different kind of schooling. If we take Dr. King’s “revolution of values” and apply them to how we perform schooling and teaching, we will begin to see a revolutionary change in how our democracy and schools. We at EdCamp Revolution are holding this space for critical educators and progressive educators to come together, share ideas, and feel empowered to affect change in their place of work and communities. How do we discuss STEM, maker-spaces, the arts, health and physical education,  within the context of race, class, gender, equity,  justice, and liberation? The purpose of EdCamp Revolution is to bring educators together in a space where they feel empowered to learn, share, and engage in critical dialogue around race, equity, justice, and critical and creative pedagogical practices, to democratize learning and improve the overall educational experience for all students. How can we merge those of us who use a more critical lens and creativity, with those of us who use solely experiential learning, so that our work influence each other and we no longer view them as separate pedagogical approaches to learning?

CONTACT: Email us as edcamprevolution@gmail.com with any questions! You can also reach out to us at info@edcamprevolution.com